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Lay Down

Self Denial by Jobin Daniel

Matthew 19:12 “…and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven..”.

Jesus mentions that not every man/woman will marry. Some will choose to give up a family life for the sake of the kingdom. Most of them will no doubt have desires to have a family. However, they choose to give those desires up and deny themselves so they can fully be for God, and do more for the kingdom.

God has given us everything, he also has the right to take away. Sometimes he takes away without needing any action from us. However, there will be times where it requires an action from us to give something up. God delights on those kind of sacrifices more. A child having the discipline to give up TV/Video games, or their cell phone to go to study is arguably respectable than one who gets their media privileges revoked forcefully by the parent themselves. Both have the same end result, but the child who willingly gave up their desires for the sake of education has shown self denial.

Our flesh will never be on board for doing the works of the spirit. Waking up each day early enough to spend an hour in prayer will require will power. And it won’t feel good, but it will be beneficial for the spirit. Following what is good for the spirit will require us to carry our cross daily. The more we feed our flesh, the stronger the appetite gets. Likewise, the more we feed our spirit, the strong the spirit person grows in us.

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