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As part of our Missions we are focused on sharing the love of Christ through the local church and ministries. Share the love of Jesus, for he did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (Matthew 20:28 / Mark 10:45)

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Eben-Ezer AG Ministries

India - Orissa

For the last 22 years, Pastor Binu and his family has dedicated their life to the missions in Orissa. 

School and Training Establishment, Children Home, Church Plant, Village Ministries, Prison and Relief Ministries. Please keep Pastor Binu, Sister Shiny, and his children - Roshbin and Joanna in your prayers.

School Establishment

We started the school with only 2 students and 2 staff in 2004. However the Lord helped us and made it grow,  and at present we have more than 550 students studying in the school. Now we have an ever increasing need for the school projects and its is operating with 50 teaching and non-teaching staff. We expect to have 1000+ students by 2030.

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Church Plant

Since 2003, God has been helped us to train and send missionaries and evangelist to plant churches. At present we have 45 workers in the different villages doing the Lords work. It is our vision to have 100 churches by 2030.

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Children Home, Village, Prison and Relief ministries 

There are close to 150 students that we cater to in the school that are either underprivileged or orphans. God helped us to provide their basic needs and education in our Mission School.

The Lord of Harvest enabled our Prison Ministry Team to reach the total 90 Jails in 30 districts of Odisha - over 20,000 inmates heard the good news, and we constantly see lives changed and transformed. 

Orissa is prone to natural calamities like Cyclone, Flood, and pandemics including the Covid-19. We could help 989 families in the last few years with grocery kits, provide blankets, build small houses/huts for widows and poor villagers and help with their education

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Light the World

Africa - Kenya, Rwanda

Pastor Joseph Mathew has been training and raising ministers and missionaries in Africa - primarily in Kenya and Rwanda. In addition to this, we conduct for India, a "National Prayer Meet" once a year year, and State Prayer every Sunday.

Ministries including - Youth, Children and Ladies Training. Building Home's projects. Clean water project.

We also conduct periodic Pastors and Ministers conference to train and equip the leaders in India and Africa. We have over 35 pastors working in the Mission fields of Africa, and similar number in India.


Light the World Missions (LTWM) was able to visit various mission fields in India, to the states of West Bengal, Gujarat, Union Territories, Chennai.

Special meetings and outreach for Manipur was conducted. The ethnic violence that erupted in May 2023 has claimed the lives of over 180 people and displaced thousands so far. 251 Churches were burnt. We arranged a fellowship for the displaced pastors and families who lived in refugee camps and rented houses without having any congregational gatherings for the past few months. Some essentials for winter like heater, caps and so on were also distributed.

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