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Prayer ROOM

What do Intercessory Missionaries do in the Prayer Room.

  • We minister to God by declaring His worth unceasingly, reflecting the way He receives worship continually in heaven (Mt. 6:10). We magnify the supremacy of Jesus, spreading His beauty and riches, calling all to love and obey Him, because He is worthy.

  • Labor in intercession for the release of God’s power to win the lost, revive the Church, while engaging in works of preaching the gospel and acts of compassion.

  • Grow in intimacy with God by personally encountering Him through His indwelling Holy Spirit, receiving greater grace to love, obey, and partner with Him, as we are fascinated by who He is.

  • Learn and understand God’s Word, gaining insight into His will, ways, and salvation and learning about the unique dynamics of His end-time plan to transition the earth to the age to come. That we may help others understand God’s heart and will for this hour of history.

Partners (Intercessory Missionary) sign up for the Prayer Room (30 mins daily Monday to Friday), across geographical locations. We have designed it such, that individuals can join from wherever they are, check-in on Zoom and devote at-least the 30 minutes to the Lord. A 24x7 room with Partners in a chain with 30 mins in the prayer room (Zoom).

Just you and the Lord - on the digital platform, no crowd, no noise, no hiding behind others prayer – Just you and the Lord

We understand that life happens, and if/when you can’t for some reason give your time to the prayer room – intimate the Prayer Room Director for a temp-substitution. The goal is to give your 30 minutes, setup a lifestyle and work on the time with the Lord to build the endurance needed to partner and participate to be a watchman at the wall for the Lord

Live Prayer Room is where we go live as we have various Prayer Sets.

  1. Devotional Set: A time of devotion to the Lord. Individuals leading it in psalms, hymns, songs that were written for and to Jesus, using your voices and/or instruments. 

  2. Intersession Set: Having a general OR specific prayer focus, as individuals lead the set - pray on the various themes like abortion, human trafficing, 10x40 window etc. The set can be accompanied with songs and worship.

  3. Worship with the Word Set: These sessions are like the devotional set, additionally the individual leading the set, read the Scriptures loud. Can be accompanied with songs, intersession and devotionals.

  4. Prayer Set: Here you can bring your prayer requests to the Lord, praying out loud. We strongly encourage praying in Tongues and being led by the Holy Spirit to speak in Prophetic ways unto the Lord.


Viewers: If any-time you are joined by someone during your prayer set - While they are listening in, during your prayer room time, please feel free to engage them to join in for your set – encouraging them to pray, sing etc.


We have corporate worship and prayer Monday to Saturday at 9pm EST (8pm CST), where we Pray on prayer-points, or have bible study, discuss journals OR that with the Lord spoke to us in dreams and visions. 

Sunday's we meet in person @ 7pm EST, Hollywood, FL facility. 

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